Admin – Add image to email

1. Click the “add image” icon:

2. Click the “source” icon to add an image from your computer:

3. A new modal (window) will appear for you to select your file – click “Upload” then click “Local machine”:03-add-image

4. Select your image in the new modal/window. Once selected, click “Open” or “Ok.”

5. The just uploaded file should be selected. Click “Insert”:

6. The file will now have a link so that it shows up online – this will show up in the “Source.” Select “Ok.”
7. The image is now added! If you have a very tall image, you can adjust the size of the email box to view more of the image. You can then adjust the image size if you would like.

TIP: to readjust an image, just drag a corner to the desired size:

TIP: You can center or right-justify while clicking an alignment button while the image is selected. You can also add a hyperlink to the image by clicking the “link” button: