User – Email Bounce Rate

What is an email bounce rate?

An email bounce rate represents the percentage of sent emails that cannot be delivered. Bounces can either be hard or soft.

Hard bounces occur when delivery is attempted to an invalid email address, while soft bounces occur when the email server encounters an issue, such as a mailbox that has reached capacity. High bounce rates will negatively impact sender reputation and obviously have a damaging effect on delivery rate. As an email marketer, you should strive to reduce your bounce rate. A double opt-in list signup ensures that the email addresses on your list are functional. Beyond that, you should allow members to unsubscribe or update their preferences so that your list remains up-to-date.

How do I check my email bounce rate?

Step 1: Click onStats on the left main navigation.


Step 2: Click on the Email Campaigns in the Stats section. View the purple section entitled BOUNCES for the bounce rate.