User – How does “Contact Scoring” work?

Contact scoring enables you to determine which prospects are qualified and which prospects need further nurturing. Certain actions, such as viewing a page on your website or opening a campaign email, have a predefined point value. The more scored actions a contact performs, the higher their lead score.
There are many different contact behaviors and attributes that are evaluated, and how many points each behavior or attribute counts for depends on how your system was set up. Please contact the account holder or entity that provided you with your account to find out the details on your scoring system.
Currently, the following scoring options are available:


Did Open
Did Click
Did Visit
Did Not Open
Did Not Click
Did Not Visit


Page View
Pages Viewed Per Visit
Time Spent Per Page
Repeat Visit
Time Spent Per Visit
Video View


First Name
Last Name
Email Address

If you want to see when and how your contact was scored:

    • Go to My Contacts
    • Click a name or view icon to open a lead profile
    • In the ACTIVITY OVERVIEW section, click the “See All Activity” button

You can adjust the date range to see more activities.

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