User – How does “Contact Stages” work?

What is a Contact Stage?

The sales funnel visually describes the sales process from initial contact to final sale. It uses the metaphor of a leaky funnel, into which a seller can “drop” sales opportunities. At some point, sales opportunities are removed from the funnel because potential customers become uninterested or you determine their lack of fit.

The stages of a sales process refer to a potential customer’s degree of readiness to commit to a deal (from the seller’s perspective). Or put in a different way, sales readiness may be seen as the probability of the sale taking place.

As a sales opportunity moves down the funnel, time to closing decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases. The sales funnel or lead stage metaphors enable you to analyze and manage a portfolio of sales opportunities.

How do Lead Stages work in MDC DOT?

Your lead stages can be customized by the account holder or entity that provided you with your account. By default MDC DOT has 4 stages that your contacts can be automatically assigned to, as they move through the sales process:

  1. COLD
  2. WARM
  3. HOT
  4. DEAD

MDC DOT utilizes the contacts score to determine their current stage, the scores used can be customized for each stage by your account holder or entity. By default all contacts when added to your account are set to “COLD” stage. When your contacts hit 25 points they will change to “WARM” and when they achieve 50 points their stage will change to “HOT“. If your contacts at any point unsubscribe from receiving communications their stage will change to “DEAD.”