User – Manual Lead Scores

Manual lead scoring allows you to add or minus scores to a particular contact based on the reasons of your choosing.

To add a manual lead score  first go to Contacts (CRM) in the left navigation.

firefox_screenshot_2016-12-08t19-46-57-999zNext, go to the contact profile page for the lead you would like to add a manual lead score to by clicking on their name or the eye icon.


Once you are on your contacts profile screen scroll to the bottom of the page and click the OPEN link for the manual score section.

First step is to add a reason for the score, next you add the numerical score in the score field. For positive scores just add a numerical value like 10, for negative scores add a minus for example -10.

Your manual scores will always appear in this section you can at anytime remove or edit these scores by changing the score/reason in past scores and clicking Save or remove scores by clicking the trash icon.