User – Remove a Campaign from a Contact

This article explains how to remove a campaign from a contact’s profile.  This is mostly used if a campaign was accidentally added to a contact or if you know a contact is NOT interested in (or does not belong) on a particular campaign but still should receive other emails. Do remove a campaign from a contact, go in to the lead’s profile from MY CONTACTS by selecting their name or the eye icon by their name.firefox_screenshot_2016-12-08t15-16-05-029z If the contact is on a campaign, the Campaign Manager section of the lead’s profile should now be open. It will say, “Currently subscribed to:” and list out the campaigns underneath.

To remove them from a campaign, click on the green trash icon next to the campaign name.


Now they are off the campaign. Please make sure that if you only want to remove them from a particular campaign to not hit the UNSUBSCRIBE button as doing so will make a lead a DEAD stage lead and permanently remove the lead from all campaigns.