User – Email Bounces

A contact is put in bounce status when an email to the contact’s email address has failed to be delivered.

Through our email delivery service with Sendgrid, there are two types of email bounces:

A soft bounce happens when:

  • The email recipient’s inbox is full
  • The server is down
  • The message is too large for the email recipient’s inbox

After a soft bounce occurs, Sendgrid continues attempting to deliver the email for up to 72 hours – until the message is delivered.

A hard bounce happens when the email address is:

  • invalid
  • does not exist

A hard bounce is permanent. When it occurs, Sendgrid will not try to deliver any messages to the email address. Unless you have an alternative email address for a contact with a hard bounce, you will be unable to send emails to this contact.

Bounces can also occur when you type an email address incorrectly. So be sure to check for typos.

Why is my contact in bounce status?

Why a contact is in bounce status in the lead profile under CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

bounce status

An email can also be blocked by the email recipient’s server. If your bounce reason refers to a domain’s DMARC policy, you will need to change your From Email. You can read more about this here.


If you have a question about your bounced contact(s), please contact our Support Desk: [email protected]