Admin – Merge Tags

When you put a merge tag in a Dotcast, a campaign email, or on a website being tracked by MDC DOT, the merge tag is automatically replaced by the information it represents.

Below, you can see what merge tags you can use in websites and emails and what each of them is for:

Merge tags – (emails & replicated webpages)

The Sales User’s site username

The Sales User’s ID within your company

The Sales User’s first name

The Sales User’s last name

The Sales User’s email address

The Sales User’s phone number

The Sales User’s avatar

Merge tags – (emails only)

The email recipient’s first name

The email recipient’s last name

The email recipient’s email address

The email recipient’s ID number in the MDC DOT system

The email recipient’s Lead Stage level
Read more about Lead Stages here

The email recipient’s Lead Score

The email recipient’s home phone number

The email recipient’s mobile phone number

The email recipient’s work phone number

The date that the email recipient became a contact in the MDC DOT system


This is the base URL of your instance of the MDC DOT app.

For example:

Your company’s address
This is automatically appended to the HTML version of the email

Your company’s address
This is automatically appended to the Text version of the email