Admin – Dot Rules: Global Scoring Rules

DOT RULES is where you can adjust how many points should be given for a particular lead activity. You can adjust these setting by first going to the DOT RULES section:

  • Click Rules & Settings on the left navigation
  • Click Scoring, stages & typesfirefox_screenshot_2016-12-08t17-23-29-534z
  • Click Scoring, stages & types, then click OPEN next to Global Scoring Rules.

Determine the value of a lead’s actions with Global Scoring Rules. The scored fields are listed and defined below.


All fields except those indicated with an asterisk (*) should be given positive values.

Each time any campaign email is opened.

Each time any link in any campaign email is clicked.

An email fails to be delivered.

When a contact chooses to unsubscribe, they are asking to be removed from your mailing list and do not wish to be contacted via email in the future.

*These fields should have a zero or negative number

The minimum information required to add a contact to MDC DOT is an email address.

A contact’s first name

A contact’s last name or family name

A contact’s email address

These are the points a contact can receive through visiting your website.

A visit to a webpage

Webpages viewed in one visit to your website.

For example, you may give 1 point per page view. Or you may give 1 point for every 3 pages viewed.

The amount of time spent on each webpage visited.

For example, you may give 1 point for every ……..

The amount of time a contact spends on the website in one visit.

For example,


A file is downloaded from your website (((((are downloads from emails included???