Admin – Dot Sequencer


Click on Campaigns in the left navigation then New campaign

Name your sequence

To add your sequence to an existing campaign:

  • Choose from the dropdown box

To create a new campaign:

  • Type a campaign name into the form field Create a new campaign

*If you would like this campaign to be available to your Sales Users

  • Select the check box below Create a new campaign

*If this is going to be the first sequence of the campaign

  • Check the box next to Order

*If this campaign should always run:

  • Choose Always Running

If the campaign is a one-time broadcast

  • Choose One Time

Choose the Start Date

  • Click the calendar icon to choose the date you want the sequence to start
    • Please note that the sequence does not actually start until you Launch the campaign
    • If the Start Date is earlier than the time that you launch, then the campaign will start immediatelyAfter you have the calendar open, click the clock icon to choose the time

Choose the End Date

  • Leave this blank if you want the sequence to run for an indefinite period
  • Otherwise, click the calendar icon to choose the date
  • After you have the calendar open:
    • Click the clock icon to choose the time
  • Once the End Date has passed, the campaign will automatically be retiredChoose Who Qualifies
  • Via Campaign Manager
    • Select this option if the sequence is the first and/or only sequence in the campaign
    • Leads will only be subscribed to this sequence if a Sales User does so – via the Campaign Manager
  • By Sequence Group
    • Select this option if you want this sequence sent to an existing group of leads
    • This is a group of leads that was created in a previous sequence

Connect the dots

After you have entered your campaign settings, you can connect the dots of your sequence. The first dot must be Send Email. You can have a sequence with just this first dot.

There are two types of Dots:

Send Email

After selecting an email to send, you can choose when this action should occur:

  • Upon Contact Qualifying (ASAP)
    • If this is a sequence available through the Campaign Manager, the email will be sent within a few minutes of a Sales User subscribing their lead to the campaign
    • If this is for a Sequence Group, the email will be sent as soon as the campaign is launched
  • Delay this action by DAYS/HOURS/MINUTES
    • Adjust the amount of time you want to wait before the email is sent
    • Please note that the time delayed begins from the moment of launch or subscription
      • Example: You have two Send Email dots. The first is delayed by an hour, and the second is delayed by 10 minutes.
        The second email will be sent in 10 minutes. Then the first email will be sent after another 50 minutes.


Group Dot puts all recipients of the current sequence into a Sequence Group. You can choose to put your recipients into an existing group or to create a new group.

Let’s say your sequence name is “New Prospect Sequence 01”. If you are planning to use the recipients of this sequence in the next sequence, it is easiest to keep track of your groups by using the same sequence name but the next sequential number, “New Prospect Sequence 02”.

Activity Listener Branch

Click here to read about the Activity Listener Branch


  • Type the campaign or sequence name into the search bar
  • OR Scroll down until you find the sequence
    • Click “Sequence or Group Name” to filter by campaign names
  • Click the sequence name or the edit icon
  • Be sure to click the Save button after you have made your changes
  • Click See All Properties
  • Be sure to click the Save button in this section after you have made your changes
  • Click the edit icon to the right of the campaign name
  • Rename the campaign
  • Click Save
Launch, Pause/Resume, Retire, Delete
  • Click Open across from the campaign name to expand the section
  • Click the Launch button

A campaign cannot be edited while it is actively launched. To edit, pause the campaign.

  • Click Open across from the campaign name to expand the section
  • Click the Pause/Resume button
  • Click Open across from the campaign name to expand the section
  • Click the Retire button

Once a campaign is retired, it cannot be re-launched. A campaign is automatically retired after the End Date has passed.

Campaigns and sequences cannot be deleted while they are active. To delete, please pause or retire the campaign. Then click the trash button.

Click here to learn about the activity listener branch. This is how you set up “did/did not open/click/visit” “branches” in your sequence.

Still have questions? Contact us for further assistance.