Admin – How to install my MDC DOT tracking code

Step 1: Add URLs

  • Go to Account
  • Open the Tracking Codes section
  • Paste the full url of the website that you want to be tracked by MDC DOT
    • This includes the “https://” or “http://” part of the URL. If you enter “http” instead of “https” (or vice versa), your website will not be tracked. You can check whether you should be using “http” or “https” by visiting your website.
    • If you want your subdomains tracked separately, then add those URLs as well. If you do not add any, then all subdomains will be tracked under the main (root) domain.

MDC DOT 2016-01-25 22-15-54

  • Click the “Add” button
  • Then click the “Save Changes” button

Step 2: Install tracking codes

  • Click the Super User flask icon

  • Select the Account button

  • Open tracking codes

  • Copy the whole tracking code

MDC DOT 2016-01-25 22-15-54

How to install the tracking code:

Step 3: Test tracking codes