User – Weird symbols in Emails

This article will help you if when an email is sent out, you are seeing weird symbols or characters that are replacing where an apostrophe (‘), quotation mark (“), or other symbol would be.

PREVENTION: before sending out an email, plese send yourself a “test” email to make sure:

  • you catch any spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors
  • the email looks the way you would like it to look
  • there are no unwanted characters that have replaced an apostrophe, quotation mark, or other symbol

How do these symbols appear?
Many times, programs such as Word use “curved apostrophes” (versus straight apostrophes). When copying and pasting (versus typing out the text for the email) from programs (such as Word), you will paste these curved apostrophes or quotation marks which do not remain that look when the emails are sent out. Other symbols such as long dashes; Registration, Trademark, Copyright; ampersands (&) and other symbols can also render incorrectly when an email is sent out.

How do I fix?
If you see that there are weird characters where there should be an apostrophe, quotation mark, or other symbol – you can fix this in the email editor:

  • Apostrophes (‘)
    You might see weird characters in the words “don’t,” “can’t,” “I’m,” etc. In the email editor, you should see the apostrophe is a curved apostrophe – simply, delete this apostrophe and retype this on your keyboard. You will see when you re-type the apostrophe, it should look a bit straighter.
  • Quotation marks (” “)
    In the email editor, delete the curved quotes, and re-type the quotes. You should see that the quotes are now straighter looking.
  • Symbols:
    If you have a symbol from the list below, replace the symbol with the “code for symbol replacement” in the email editor. It looks funny with the code in the editor, but when the email is sent out, the code will become the symbol. Want to see for yourself? Do the replacement, then send yourself a “test” email (go to “Actions,” “Test” in your email editor).
    em dash
    en dash
    Registered Trademark
    Circular Bullet Point
    Horizontal ellipsis
    Code for symbol



  • No punctuation marks, weird symbols just appeared
    Delete the spaces in the email editor where the weird symbols are in the sent email and retype the returns or spaces. Send yourself a test email again to see that the symbols are gone.